OPEN 10AM-2PM for Breakfast and Lunch, Open again at 5PM Dinner and Drinks.
TONIMOES operates its dining room on a first-come-first-serve basis.
NOTE: TONIMOES will be closed on December 25 for the Christmas day Statutory Holiday.

Welcome to Tonimoes. Our moniker was adopted from an informally named, pristine lake in the Northwest Territories high above the Arctic Circle. It is a lake where two friends, Antonio (Toni) and Morris (Moe), used to go to catch the largest, purest and tastiest fish.

We, Greg and Matt, the owners of Tonimoes both travel a lot. As a direct result we spend a lot of time in other people’s restaurants. We believe that when someone eats out a lot, certain things start to become important factors in the selection of a place to go. Things like - Is the food good? - Are there items on the menu that I want to eat? – Will I have to wait for ages for a second cup of coffee, or to pay the bill? - Do I feel comfortable bringing my sweetheart there? Will I get my breakfast or lunch fast enough to get back to work or catch the airplane on time? Can I enjoy a nice relaxing dinner with a glass of good wine or a tasty local beer there? After I finish, will I feel like I received good value for what I spent or will guilty feelings that I overspent weigh on my conscience?

We believe that both eating out and DINING out shouldn’t be stressful, annoying or need to be universally expensive. To that end, what we have tried to put together in Tonimoes is a restaurant setting that addresses all of these issues. A setting that we, Greg and Matt, would feel comfortable selecting, no matter the circumstance which drove us to dine out in the first place. A quality adult dining experience, at a reasonable price. That is what Tonimoes is all about. We really hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Sincerely, Greg and Matt.

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Edgewater Hotel, Whitehorse   Phone 867-667-2572 ext.4006

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